Barnsley Loves Music is an online music store that specialises in musical instruments, vinyl records and merchandise.


We started out as a hub for music lovers in the Barnsley area in early 2015; a social media presence where people could stay tuned for news of gigs, events and other musical goings on. While all of those things are still on the agenda, the philosophy expanded when some recent music store closures left a void that needed to be filled.

The goal was to supply musicians of all levels from beginners to pros with the gear that they need from brands they can trust, provide the local music community with a place to pick up the latest album by their favourite artist and give people a space to share upcoming music news and events all under one roof.


You can get involved in the conversation by e-mail, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter via the relevant links at the foot of the page.

Any questions, drop us a line!




E-mail - info@barnsleylovesmusic.co.uk

Facebook - /barnsleylovesmusic

Instagram - barnsleylovesmusic

Twitter - @barnsleyxmusic